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rules for covid-19 prevention in our clinic 

Introduction to Monaghan Therapy cleaning routine against Coronavirus spread:

I will discuss and explain safety measures taken to prevent as much as possible covid19 spread in our environment.

Enhanced cleaning procedures including 20-30 minutes between each appointment to deep clean, sanitize, and ventilate area (open window) including:

The room, reception area, treatment table, bolster, door handles, drawer handles, cabinets, stools, light switch, clothes, plastic boxes-disinfected: floor moped, and sanitized.

We are meeting/exceeding all local and country regulatory guidelines relating to sanitation and hygiene. All disinfectants used in practice are verified to ensure they meet the criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

One person at reception.

I screen my temperature at the start of the day to guarantee a 36.9 or lower temperature to ensure I'm well and ready for your service.

I will wear a disposable mask and plastic apron when with the client, will wash my hands and sanitize them every customer. Masks/apron changed after each customer.

COVID 19 screening form will be filled in at the reception, and clients' temperature screened.

All customers must wear a face mask; if you don't have your own, it will be provided.

In the treatment room, there are two plastic boxes for your belongings/clothes.

The final and the last step I introduced into the practice recently UVC sanitizing/sterilizing light, which used widely in hospitals, surgeries, dentist practice, labs, and plant stations. It will be running for 10 minutes between appointments.

Answering question about UVC light:

is it dangerous? It's not hazardous for humans as the light switched of dooring the treatment.

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